Digital Signage

Digital signage is the new medium you already know about, but you probably haven’t thought about how it can work for your business. It’s time to change that.

Digital signage isn’t just for menu boards and big companies. If you have any areas where the public gather, shop or wait, or if you have places in your business exclusively for staff to work, eat, lounge or meet, digital signage may be the perfect solution to communicate.


Get your word out

Quickly, simply, digitally.

We can create digital signage solutions for the public or your staff (or both) to deliver key sales messaging, product details, company news and updates, policy notices, staff updates, training opportunities, and informational content about your company, products or services. We can design and curate internal business data for dashboard displays so that your staff can stay up-to-date on key performance indicators, goals, and business status.


Digital signage works.

Your digital signage solution can combine your custom internal content with real-time external content such as local, national or international news, live video feeds, TV channels, sports scores, weather, social media feeds, traffic data, RSS feeds, public transit schedules, stocks, and YouTube videos or playlists.

The real beauty of digital signage is that it can have real impact on your sales, and positively impact your company’s ability to communicate quickly, dynamically and clearly. Content can be scheduled to appear on specific dates and at specific times, so you can be sure that the right people will see the right message at the right time.

Perfect for:

  • Waiting rooms

  • Lobbies

  • Cafeterias in schools and businesses

  • Restaurants & bars

  • Staff rooms

  • Retail showrooms

  • Factory floors

  • Sales departments

  • Hotel information channels

  • Customer service centres

  • Conference centres & special event facilities

  • Back-office operations

  • Shopping malls, stadiums & sports facilities


Put digital signage to work for your business

If you have multiple locations (in the same building, different cities, or anywhere around the world with an Internet connection), imagine being able to send instant messages to every location or just the locations you choose. You can ensure that your staff or your customers get the information they need at just the right time. Whether it’s a new product release, an important schedule change, a sales success or customer service status, emergency information during a crisis event, or a special announcement, digital signage is the solution.

Screens can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and virtually any sized screen with an HDMI input can be used. We supply the ‘brains’ and the software, you supply the TV or other HD monitor. We design and create the content, manage your scheduling, and configure the software to your specific needs. We handle the installation and testing to ensure everything works great together.

It’s time to put digital signage to work for your business!