Social Media Management

A social media presence is an important part of your business communications. While some companies have put all their eggs into that one basket, it is vital to understand where social media fits into your overall marketing and communications strategy. We can help you create the right social media strategy, and then execute it!


We understand.

We’ve been doing social media for more than a decade.


Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Create your social media presence — create (or fix) your social media profiles, get your branding right, set up all the right connections

  • Create & manage your social media strategy — ensure consistency of message and your business’ online personality

  • Design & deliver engaging social media content — graphic design, photography, video and branding content that your followers care about

  • Design, plan & execute social media campaigns — we can design and execute paid social media campaigns that attract and engage the followers you care about

  • Monitor social media responses and results, and provide detailed reporting — we will monitor and analyse your social media performance, and see what’s working and what’s not


Just getting started or need to fix your social media?

We know what it takes to kickstart your social media presence or to fix what you’ve already started.

We have created and managed social media accounts from zero followers to tens of thousands of followers. We’ve been doing that for more than a decade, so whether you’re just getting started, don’t have time to manage your social media yourself, or you know your social media presence needs fixing, we can handle it all.